Create Multiple Forms just by Drag and Drop options with any filed within seconds for any type of form like advertising form , contact form , ticket form , support form etc..

Feature lists

  1. Add multiple form
  2. Drag and drop input fields mostly all.
  3. Required and non required options
  4. Change label name , field input name , form name and even submit button name
  5. Define form title , URL
  6. Give multiple email address for each form and even successful  message.
  7. Delete , enable and disable form .
  8. It create footer links automatically for each form according to form title
  9. Clear form options
  10. Captcha options for spam protections.
  11. Global settings – You can replace default social engine contact form with new form of your choice.
  12. We have follow Social engine CSS for form in forntend so it won’t effect your theme or design.

Its very clean and professional code by our developers


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