Testimonial Plugin is getting reviews or testimonial from your client or a user so that you can collect a good will for your site , or a company and hence your company or a website get gets good reputation in the market and maintain client or user trust .

Login details to test demo version –  test@leopedia.com  /  test123

User Interface

1. Get reviewed from your client or a user users etc..
2. Each user can write review and manage with WYSIWYG EDITOR html BOX. with image and video upload feature.
3. Testimonial with User photo and name .
4. Browser testimonial with Pagination after 10 testimonial so that your user don’t need to scroll.\

5. Random Widget box – Layout Editor


Admin Interface

1. Admin have to enable and disable.
2. Widget Box feature – It will display (testimonials) on what ever page you want , just drag and drop to
layout editor pages..
2. widget box – you can define how much total testimonial  it should display.
2. Admin have to  approve or decline user testimonial to display .
3. Admin have full detail with Account type , Name , photo of user .
4. In short admin have full control over testimonial plugin with deletion options as well.

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